Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nick in the News

Nick and Alex were on the cover of the PNNL website. It was an article about a project they have been working on. Here is what was written:

UAFF Incorporates Two Software Technologies

One is now able to extract text and transform it into more usable documents thanks to a $7K award of Use at Facility Funds (UAFF). Nick Cramer and Alex Gibson, both of the National Security Directorate, put their funding to good use to combine the power of the Universal Parsing Agent™ (UPA) with IN-SPIRE™. UAFF is discretionary funding generated through PNNL returns from existing intellectual property licensing agreements. These funds are distributed annually to the various research directorates, the Lab Director's Office and Technology Commercialization, which award them to projects with strong commercial potential.
Prior to the UAFF award, the two software programs were separate tools. IN-SPIRE analyzes bulky text while UPA turns documents from one format, such as Word files or PDFs, into another more usable format (e.g., XML) for IN-SPIRE. "Combining the programs provides a seamless way to bring other documents into analysis," Nick says. "UPA is not as commonly used since it's a more 'behind the scenes' tool. IN-SPIRE is relatively straightforward and well known. Packaging them like this gets UPA out there more and makes both software tools more commercially attractive." The result of the UAFF investment is a stronger licensing (commercialization) value for the software. One government customer who has used the combination had some positive feedback. "The ability to ingest Word and PDF is a huge step and will be quite useful. Strong kudos for the interface work," the customer said. Nick was aware of UAFF funds because colleagues have received funding for projects in the past. "The funding was easy to get and work with," he said. "In fact, my manager had our group make a list of projects that could be funded by UAFF. Mine was one of them!"

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