Sunday, November 2, 2008

Biking to Starbucks and Barnes and Noble on a Fall Morning

Every Sunday morning we like to read the newspaper and grab a Starbucks. This morning we decided to bike down to the Starbucks at the mall. We stopped at the gas station and bought a newspaper and then continued down the road. The trees lining the road were beautiful. It is definitely Fall with the cool breezes and leaves on the ground. The whole way down is downhill. Which meant on the way back it was all uphill. So we took it nice and easy. We're a little too addicted to having the iphone and taking photos everywhere, but then it means blogging makes it easier too. We had a nice morning biking. Hopefully we can do it a few more times before the weather doesn't get too bad.
Biking down to Columbia Center's Starbucks

The trees were beautiful oranges, yellow and red
Biking back up the hill

Nick using his iphone and biking

Some sort of warped photo of us

Nick giving the stinkeye...hahhahhhaha

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