Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Thanksgivings

Being married now means celebrating holidays twice. Twice is always nice! Our first Thanksgiving was in Cle Elum with the Reinkens clan at Uncle Jim and Aunt Tammy's cabin. The cabin was beautiful. Nick and I are pretty outdoorsy so we loved the whole ambience of the cabin. It even had an art studio! It was nice to visit with everyone that we don't get to see very often. There was so much food. Sometimes we don't know when to say when.

Family photo in Cle Elum

Nick and Carolyn in front of the art studio

Cramer Family

Chelsea, John and Chad

Michelle, Austin, Danielle, Tony
The guys hanging out

Cake by Deserts by Kelly

The Cabin

After the Reinken's Thanksgiving, we drove another hour and a half to the Nguyen Thanksgiving. We had a nice dinner with Cau Bi's family, Bac Trung from Bellingham, and Dung (visitor from Vietnam). We were so full! We went through all the Black Friday ads and sat around talked and joked around. Two Thanksgivings down, on to Two Christmases!

Cau Bi modelling Ngau's new boarding jacket

Mother and her only son

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