Friday, January 30, 2009

Starbucks has Cupcakes!

Nick's Mocha

Carolyn's Vanilla Bean Cupcake
Carolyn: I am not a big Starbucks fan because I don't drink coffee, but after this morning's vanilla bean cupcake. I am a fan once again!

Nick: I, however, am a big Starbucks fan ... maybe ... too big.

Carolyn: I don't seek it out unless Nick goes. What do you order typically?

Nick: I love to get a tall mocha.

Carolyn: I usually get a tall china green tips or the green ginger tea in the cold weather. How often do you get a Starbucks in a week?

Nick: I probably average 2 - 3 times per week. We like to go to starbucks on Sundays to get a coffee and read the newspaper.

Carolyn: I like to get the tall passion iced tea in the hot weather. I am going to try their red velvet cupcake next time we go. I had to open my mouth about five inches to shove that vanilla bean one in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bathroom Etiquette

Carolyn: I fully admit to the toilet paper lining of toilet seats. There is nothing more gross than a dirty toilet seat on your bum. I was about to sit down yesterday to use the toilet at work and I about sat on trickles of pee. It was all over the place. Disgusting! What disgusts you about bathroom etiquette?

Nick: I don't like when there are little curly hairs on the urinal. I don't understand why sometimes people go use the stall and stand if there is a urinal free. It seems like they are increasing their odds of missing

Carolyn: I don't understand women who hover, I just don't have the skills to do it. So I line the toilet with about three layers of toilet paper and actually sit down so I don't miss. Do you prefer the urinal? or toilet?

Nick: Depends on the number. I hate when the toilet paper dispenser runs out and there is a roll sitting on top of the dispenser. It is easy to knock over and have it roll away while you're on the toilet. Then what do you do?

Carolyn: I hate when the little door on the dispenser to go to the next roll of toilet paper never slides over.

Nick: I hate when there are remnants

Carolyn: And nothing makes me more furious than when the roll rips sheet by sheet instead of a long continuous one. So what's the take home message? Don't hover and ….

Nick: wash your hands and don't pee on the seat

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Nick: I'm still very sick so I slept almost all day long.

Carolyn: Yeah, my mom, Alan and I went to China Town to get groceries for the New Year's festivities, to the Pacific Fabric and Craft Store, the downtown Macy's, and Bellevue Square.

Nick: I woke up at about 3PM feeling a bit better and made myself a korean ramen noodle to eat.

Carolyn: I finally got a new black jacket to replace my old, disgusting one on sale at Banana Republic. I also picked up some holiday merchandise I had purchased over the phone the day after Christmas.

Nick: For dinner we had crabs caught fresh from Bellingham and hot pot seafood soup. I don't eat crab very often so I was struggling to get the meat out.

Carolyn: It was tasty. I always regret eating crab and seafood becase I'm mildly allergic, but it was worth it.

Nick: We went to the movies and saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was good.

Carolyn: It isn't very often that my family goes to the movies, but this was a good one to see together. Very powerful and emotional movie.

Nick: That was all we did.

Carolyn: I've come to discover I sleep really hard when I come to Seattle. I think it is this bed.

Nick: I don't think it is the bed I think it is mental.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Posting together

Carolyn: We came to Seattle last night to celebrate Chinese New Year's with my parents.

Nick: The pass was clear and we had no trouble getting here.

Carolyn: I wouldn't know because I was passed out.

Nick: We bought some fruit at QFC and I dropped the apples on the street and they rolled down the hill.

Carolyn: hahahhhahahahahhahahha

Nick: We had mi quang for dinner and it was really delicious.

Carolyn: I love my mom's cooking, I wish they had good Vietnamese restaurants in the Tri Cities.

Nick: Alan came home and we watched Pineapple Express.

Carolyn: I watched most of it, but I passed out at the ending.

Nick: Today we're going to China Town, downtown and Bellevue Square for some shopping.

Carolyn: I wish the weather was nicer, but it is gray and dreary.

Nick: I wish I was feeling better I am at about 15%.

Carolyn: Yikes, you should probably stay home and rest.

Nick: I think that's a good idea.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We are as old as we act....for me that is young

Some more photos from the white trash bingo birthday bash.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

White Trash Bingo Birthday Bash

Swat team catching us in the act

Which is more wrong? Nick's tattoo or a pregnant lady drinking a beer?

Emily and Ryan relaxing


Just a nice day enjoying the tramp stamp and flamingos

Emily with no chin
Erin and Dave boozing it up
Coffey and Cramer Family
The Squids contemplating their next move
My beer!
Hearing the sweet sounds of the babyGibson family portrait

Joe and Kristi the engaged couple

Joe getting arrested

Dave taking out the swat team

Lyndsey is always up to something

The streetwalkers getting caught

Showing off some guns


Jer and Shankari

Swat team arrived

Poor pink flamingo
Towne has a faux hawk hairdo !

Poor poor pink flamingo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No More Metal Mouth!

I got my braces off today. I had the braces on for a little over a year. They took off the top six for two months for the wedding and put them back on for a couple more months. I am really happy with the results. I can't stop smiling. It feels weird without them on, but I love it. I promise to wear my retainer :)
Bye bye hardware!

Walking the red carpet with my balloons and bags of candy and cookies

Chelsea removed my braces and did a bunch of the polishing, Melody is one of the friendly receptionists