Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bathroom Etiquette

Carolyn: I fully admit to the toilet paper lining of toilet seats. There is nothing more gross than a dirty toilet seat on your bum. I was about to sit down yesterday to use the toilet at work and I about sat on trickles of pee. It was all over the place. Disgusting! What disgusts you about bathroom etiquette?

Nick: I don't like when there are little curly hairs on the urinal. I don't understand why sometimes people go use the stall and stand if there is a urinal free. It seems like they are increasing their odds of missing

Carolyn: I don't understand women who hover, I just don't have the skills to do it. So I line the toilet with about three layers of toilet paper and actually sit down so I don't miss. Do you prefer the urinal? or toilet?

Nick: Depends on the number. I hate when the toilet paper dispenser runs out and there is a roll sitting on top of the dispenser. It is easy to knock over and have it roll away while you're on the toilet. Then what do you do?

Carolyn: I hate when the little door on the dispenser to go to the next roll of toilet paper never slides over.

Nick: I hate when there are remnants

Carolyn: And nothing makes me more furious than when the roll rips sheet by sheet instead of a long continuous one. So what's the take home message? Don't hover and ….

Nick: wash your hands and don't pee on the seat


Mina said...

Gees, very interesting blog. Wait until you have a little girl like mine and see how bad it is to take them to those dirty bathrooms.

J Yang said...

girls should never have to squat. it is not that hard to pee w/o leaving a mess. and by the way, i had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers about why it's great being the only woman in my group. i never run into my boss or my coworkers in the bathroom. plus, the women's is never crowded in our bldg. it's practically my 'private space' (the one near my office).

ps. i am not your blog-stalker. and i'm sending this at home through Charter in case you were wondering.