Monday, January 5, 2009

The Best Five Dollars Spent in Vegas…..Red Rock Canyon

Early Sunday morning, Nick and I went to Red Rock Canyon. The rest of the family went home to the Tri Cities that afternoon. We stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a couple sandwiches and water and drove up to Red Rock National Park. We paid $5 for the entry fee into the park and by far that was the best $5 we spent on the entire trip. We went to the visitors center first to read a little bit about the history and then began the 13 miles drive around the park. The first stop, which is the most popular, was Calico trails. It had amazing, red, tan, orange layers of sandstone rock. The rocks were fairly smooth and porous. There were some deep canyons we climbed around on. We saw rock climbers which was pretty neato. Nick climbed a lot further than me. I was nervous about my footing, but he caught some amazing photos.

We got back in the car and stopped at the Sandstone Quarry. The rocks were really bright yellow. We also stopped at Ice Box Canyon where we hiked a couple miles. We stopped at one spot that had some water falling into icicles. We weren’t super prepared for the cold weather so we turned around. We sat and ate our sandwiches and enjoyed the breathtaking views of the canyon. We continued our way around the park and headed back to Vegas and checked into the Bellagio for our last night in Vegas.
We showered and went to a nice dinner at Sushi Roku in Caesar’s Palace. We ate some killer shrimp wraps, a crunchy shrimp roll, a spicy tuna and avocao roll and some miso soup while enjoying the beautiful view of the Las Vegas strip. Afterwards we wandered around Caesar’s Palace grabbed a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and went back to the hotel and crashed. We had a great time in Vegas with the family and we saw a ton of new things we had never seen before. Teri had the best 50th Birthday of anyone I know! It is nice to do stuff with family and spend the holidays together. The highlights were Red Rock Canyon, winning $75, Beatles Love, Mama Mia and Hoover Dam.

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