Monday, January 5, 2009

Hoover Dam and Viva Las Vegas

Nick and I went to Vegas for Teri’s 50th Birthday surprise. We used some of Nick’s Delta frequent flyer miles for a free ticket. Because the rest of the gang were flying Allegiant, we weren’t on the same flight. We actually booked an earlier flight so we could go to the Hoover Dam before they got there. Along the way, the flight from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas was overbooked so we volunteered to go on a slightly later flight and got two free round trip air fare valued at $800! Score for us! We still got into Vegas a lot early early enough to rent the car and drive to Hoover Dam. The rental car was $10 a day which was an awesome deal. Along the way we drove past Lake Mead and saw tons of helicopters flying over it along with the Hoover Dam. The traffic was pretty crummy getting there so we barely got to see it with the sun out. The sun began to set at around 4:30 so we rushed to take photos before it got dark. We saw a big construction project. A very large bridge was being built called the Hoover Dam Bypass-Colorado River Bridge. It was HUGE! It is being constructed after the Hoover Dam which will be a four lane bridge. They are just finishing the arc portion. We wandered around the dam on the Nevada and Arizona side then hopped in the car and headed to the strip.

When we arrived at New York New York Nick went into the bathroom and I pulled out a $1.00 bill and stuck it in one of the slot machines. On my third pull on the $0.25 machine, I won $75! I was thinking, oh my gosh what is 300 x 0.25? hahahaha. I was pretty excited. Afterwards we walked down to Harrah’s to pick up the comedy show tickets and waited for everyone to get there. The Improv Show was hillarious. It was a lot dirtier than the last time we went. I loved it. We came back to the hotel and crashed.

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