Saturday, January 24, 2009

Posting together

Carolyn: We came to Seattle last night to celebrate Chinese New Year's with my parents.

Nick: The pass was clear and we had no trouble getting here.

Carolyn: I wouldn't know because I was passed out.

Nick: We bought some fruit at QFC and I dropped the apples on the street and they rolled down the hill.

Carolyn: hahahhhahahahahhahahha

Nick: We had mi quang for dinner and it was really delicious.

Carolyn: I love my mom's cooking, I wish they had good Vietnamese restaurants in the Tri Cities.

Nick: Alan came home and we watched Pineapple Express.

Carolyn: I watched most of it, but I passed out at the ending.

Nick: Today we're going to China Town, downtown and Bellevue Square for some shopping.

Carolyn: I wish the weather was nicer, but it is gray and dreary.

Nick: I wish I was feeling better I am at about 15%.

Carolyn: Yikes, you should probably stay home and rest.

Nick: I think that's a good idea.

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