Sunday, January 25, 2009


Nick: I'm still very sick so I slept almost all day long.

Carolyn: Yeah, my mom, Alan and I went to China Town to get groceries for the New Year's festivities, to the Pacific Fabric and Craft Store, the downtown Macy's, and Bellevue Square.

Nick: I woke up at about 3PM feeling a bit better and made myself a korean ramen noodle to eat.

Carolyn: I finally got a new black jacket to replace my old, disgusting one on sale at Banana Republic. I also picked up some holiday merchandise I had purchased over the phone the day after Christmas.

Nick: For dinner we had crabs caught fresh from Bellingham and hot pot seafood soup. I don't eat crab very often so I was struggling to get the meat out.

Carolyn: It was tasty. I always regret eating crab and seafood becase I'm mildly allergic, but it was worth it.

Nick: We went to the movies and saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was good.

Carolyn: It isn't very often that my family goes to the movies, but this was a good one to see together. Very powerful and emotional movie.

Nick: That was all we did.

Carolyn: I've come to discover I sleep really hard when I come to Seattle. I think it is this bed.

Nick: I don't think it is the bed I think it is mental.

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