Friday, January 30, 2009

Starbucks has Cupcakes!

Nick's Mocha

Carolyn's Vanilla Bean Cupcake
Carolyn: I am not a big Starbucks fan because I don't drink coffee, but after this morning's vanilla bean cupcake. I am a fan once again!

Nick: I, however, am a big Starbucks fan ... maybe ... too big.

Carolyn: I don't seek it out unless Nick goes. What do you order typically?

Nick: I love to get a tall mocha.

Carolyn: I usually get a tall china green tips or the green ginger tea in the cold weather. How often do you get a Starbucks in a week?

Nick: I probably average 2 - 3 times per week. We like to go to starbucks on Sundays to get a coffee and read the newspaper.

Carolyn: I like to get the tall passion iced tea in the hot weather. I am going to try their red velvet cupcake next time we go. I had to open my mouth about five inches to shove that vanilla bean one in.

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