Sunday, January 18, 2009

White Trash Bingo Birthday Bash

Swat team catching us in the act

Which is more wrong? Nick's tattoo or a pregnant lady drinking a beer?

Emily and Ryan relaxing


Just a nice day enjoying the tramp stamp and flamingos

Emily with no chin
Erin and Dave boozing it up
Coffey and Cramer Family
The Squids contemplating their next move
My beer!
Hearing the sweet sounds of the babyGibson family portrait

Joe and Kristi the engaged couple

Joe getting arrested

Dave taking out the swat team

Lyndsey is always up to something

The streetwalkers getting caught

Showing off some guns


Jer and Shankari

Swat team arrived

Poor pink flamingo
Towne has a faux hawk hairdo !

Poor poor pink flamingo

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