Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Weekend

(Opening scene: Carolyn on the recliner, Nick in the office. She yells acrossed the room)

Carolyn: How was your weekend?

Nick: Great, very productive.

Carolyn: What did you do?

Nick: I moved with the help of Doug and Carolyn, a whole bunch of stuff to our storage facility. House of Lovely Storage. hahahaha

Carolyn: I like that. It used to be called the Love Shack now it is the House of Lovely Storage. We better notify him of the name change.

Nick: We had a small Super Bowl get together. I ate too much junk food and watched a very exciting game. I really liked the beer commercial where the guy got ejected out of the building. I also liked Alec Baldwin as an alien trying to melt our brains. I learned a lot about what we need to do paper work wise to sell the house. I installed a door knob for the first time and it went pretty well actually.

Carolyn: I don’t know which was more exciting, the Super Bowl game or Freya’s basketball game. They were both really intense. Both had very close scores too. What are you doing right now?

Nick: Ummm….trying to overclock my CPU. I’ve never done that before. I hope I don’t burn up the CPU.

Carolyn: Hmmmm….sounds a little complicated. I found a couple orange furballs in the garage this afternoon. Do you know how they got there?

Nick: Someone told me they looked hungry so I should feed them. So I did.

Carolyn: It’s my fault. Now they’re conditioned to come into the house the moment the garage door opens up and sit on the hood of the cars. Lunch was fun today. I love my new purse Mom got. I’m going to take it with me travelling.

Nick: Yeah, it’s a nice purse. You’re spoiled. I got my processor overclocked 3.24 gigahertz.

Carolyn: Congratulations. Lets go to bed so I can finish my book.
Ryan's truck empty

Ryan's truck full

The movers

I'm trying to pull out of the garage, but there was an orange object on my car

Austin and Danielle were in town, we ran into them at the mall

Thank you Ryan and Emily for lending us the truck!

Freya at her basketball game
Team lining up
Taking a shot

Freya's team won 20 to 14!

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