Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mother's Day Invitations

Doing some coinstar in Albertson's from a bucket of change we had lying around

Using the tray to load the change

Ta-da! A Starbucks card with all that money

Our sign that is outside the house

Mailling Mother's Day Picnic Invitations

Nick participating in the process

Tee hee
After we mailled the inviations we got solicited by a rather interesting man. He thought we were mailling wedding announcements and I said that was last year. He walked with us to our car and asked us to go to . He said that website has the best advice ever for keeping a strong and healthy marriage. He also mentioned this was his second marriage and that the advice from that website along with some helpful books have aided him in his new outlook. He recommended a book by Dr. Harley called His Needs Her Needs. He said that so many young people give up after a few problems in marriages and that the initial attraction is gone because people don't put enough into her bank or his bank (bank is a metaphor for his needs or her needs). I don't know why so many interesting people approach us in the most random places. I guess we're approachable people.

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