Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok Go and Cannon Beach

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Oba Restaurant downtown Portland for some Latin cuisine and tapas


Waiting outside the Wonder Ballroom in Portland

okgo2okgo3okgobells okgodrum

We were standing right at the edge of the stage.  They were amazing live.  I loved the hand bells they used for one of their songs.  The thing we love most about musicians is when they can sing and play an instrument at the same time.

pho2 pho 

A bowl of Pho before heading to Cannon Beach

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Carolyn admiring all the beautiful fabrics at Center Diamond store

IMG_0956 IMG_0959

All the beautiful glass pieces at Ice Fire


Fudge on the marble slab. Yum!

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Fun hats at the hat shop.  We tried on a ton of hats.  These are some of the fun and silly ones.

IMG_0974 IMG_0975

We had a delicious dinner at Newman’s.  I had the halibut with mushroom risotto.  Nick had the prawn and pesto pasta.

IMG_0980 Walk on the beach after dinner.  It was REALLY windy.


Learnin to play a fun card game called Quiddler


Brunch at the Lazy Susan Restaurant


Smoked salmon quiche with a bran muffin and fresh fruit salad


Brunch with Sharon and Vern before we left the beach


Ice Fire glass shop



Glass blowing.  He made a lavender bowl. It was awesome. Brought back memories of our glass blowing classes in Seattle we did a few years ago.

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