Sunday, March 1, 2009

Volunteering Makes a Person Feel Good

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Carmichael Middle School Science Fair

DOE Regional Science Bowl

Terra Blanca Winery

Heaven’s Cave Tasting Room

Some interesting facts about Heaven’s Cave winery:

Giving Back

Why the DASH?

The DASH refers to the little horizontal line on our gravestone, the one between the date we were born and the date we pass away.  The DASH represents everything in between and how we chose to live it.

Making it Count

Heaven's Cave Cellars is a for-benefit winery that chooses to donate 100 percent of all profits from wine sales to support the Make the DASH Count Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to both developing the next generation of community leaders and benefiting at-risk youth. 

Community-based  boards of directors, comprised of diverse groups of 15 high-school-age youth, serve as stewards of the foundation's grantmaking process, annually awarding grant monies to programs serving at-risk youth in their communities.

In 2003, Hope Moore established the founding youth board as a way to educate young people, including her own son, in the responsibilities of community leadership and charitable giving.  By 2008, the foundation had grown to include 75 youth serving on five youth boards, and had awarded over $180,000 to community programs from coast to coast.

For more information on the Make the DASH Count Foundation, go to

Chocolate Cowboy Dessert at Picazo 717 in Prosser

We started out dinner at Picazo 717 with a variety of tapas because it takes 40 minutes for paella to be made.  We had calamari, sardines on toast points, a cheese plate, and a flatbread pizza.  For dinner, Emily and I had split the seafood paella which was delicious.  It should have been split for four people.  Tara and Naomi split the meat paella which was just as delicious too.  Bob had the most tender well seasoned pork chop I have ever had in my entire life and Amber had the spicy shrimp pasta that Nick would have drooled over.  I think I have now found my new favorite restaurant. 

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