Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exploring Georgetown and the American History Museum

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On Monday morning I walked over the bridge from Rosslyn to Georgetown. You could see the University, the Potomac River, and people rowing and kayaking down below.  The University looked huge!

Shopping district is full of little boutiques that kept the original brick architecture.

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One of my favorite stores on the east coast is Dean and Deluca.  They have such beautiful flowers and an awesome selection of spices, meats, kitchen ware, and food.

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I asked one of the locals for a good place for lunch.  They recommended the Peacock Cafe.  I had the tomato bisque with a half turkey sandwich.  Very tasty and chic cafe.

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Because Nick and I didn’t get to finish the American History Museum I took the metro back down to Washington DC.  The metro station at Rosslyn had the longest escalator I had ever been in.  It was so steep!
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Julia Child’s Kitchen
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The original George Washington Statue that nobody liked and a doll house display.  All these little kids were swarming it.  It was amazing.
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Because this flag display wall was the original flag that the Star Spangled Banner was written for.  It was HUGE!  There were a few tatter marks and it had 14 stars. 

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There were musical instruments in the museum.  These violins are real Stradivarius ones.  They probably cost millions of dollars.  These are the Ruby Slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz.  Pretty neato.

Legalseafoodbib Cioppino
At the restaurant Legal Seafood I ordered the Cioppino.  Look at all the seafood it came with!  That big lobster claw is holding a shrimp.  YUMMY!

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