Monday, May 4, 2009

Boycotting a Few Foods For the Month of May

One of my biggest addictions is ramen noodles. Specifically the spicy Korean type. One of my favorites is a Shin Ramyun brand. It is delicious and quick and very satisfying. The problem is the MSG (monosodium glutamate) and the noodles are dried via frying. It has a tremendous amount of sodium and carbohydrates for one package.


I recently resorted to an alternative ramen noodle brand. The Nissin Choice Ramen brand with a savory herb chicken flavor. 80% fat free and 25% less sodium. The fat free is because the noodles are baked and not fried, which is good, but it is still a carbohydrate. The 25% less sodium is also good, but sodium still makes you bloated. Overall this brand makes you VERY full and satisfied too.

nissinchoiceramenAnother one of my vices is McDonalds. I don’t normally order french fries when I go to fast food places, nor do we go that often, but the breakfast is what is quick and convenient. We normally make breakfast every morning, but if we’re in a rush we grab something quick. We maybe do that four times a month (once a week).

So wish me and Nick “Good Luck”. No more ramen noodles and McDonald’s breakfasts will be a tough task, but I have faith we can do it.

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