Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaron’s Graduation at Western Washington University

 IMG_3393 (1280x853)
Katie’s Cupcakes in Fairhaven

IMG_3402 (853x1280)
Cute garden shop in Fairhaven 

IMG_3416 (1280x853)
Nick contemplating

IMG_3418 (1280x853)
The serious look

IMG_3425 (1280x853)
Dad taking a break

IMG_3430 (1280x853)
Sitting on the stoop

IMG_3431 (1280x853)
Aaron’s senior project

IMG_3444 (853x1280)
Dad playing some tunes
IMG_3467 (1280x853)
Look at this sad, pathetic face 

IMG_3575 (1280x853)
Aaron waiting patiently to graduate 

IMG_3667 (1280x853)
All the attendees

Aaron and Katie


IMG_3676 IMG_3678
The Family

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