Monday, June 29, 2009

Granite Mountain

Doug, Naomi, Bob, Nick and I drove to mile post 47 (past Snoqualmie Pass) heading west on I-90 to the trail head for the Granite Mountain hike.   This hike has breathtaking views of Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, and a couple lakes at the top.  It has a pretty strenuous rock scramble to get to the fire look out and it is totally worth it.  There was a small bit of snow which made it fun for sliding down.

Doug making a pit stop before the hike
We went on the Granite Mountain Lookout hike 4 miles up, 4 miles down
20090627_granitemthike_0011 20090627_granitemthike_0014 20090627_granitemthike_0015 20090627_granitemthike_0040  20090627_granitemthike_0029 20090627_granitemthike_0031 20090627_granitemthike_0067
Tons of these wild flowers on the way up
20090627_granitemthike_0072  20090627_granitemthike_0082
Some glacier run off at a mini waterfall 

20090627_granitemthike_0086 20090627_granitemthike_0094 20090627_granitemthike_0111 20090627_granitemthike_0116 20090627_granitemthike_0124 20090627_granitemthike_0125 20090627_granitemthike_0128 20090627_granitemthike_0147
The beginning of the rock scramble, it was really tough

20090627_granitemthike_0149 20090627_granitemthike_0150 20090627_granitemthike_0151  20090627_granitemthike_0154 20090627_granitemthike_0162 20090627_granitemthike_0171 20090627_granitemthike_0204 20090627_granitemthike_0207 
The fire lookout

20090627_granitemthike_0212 20090627_granitemthike_0214
Bob at the top, we could see Tuscohatchie Lake

Crystal Lake was still frozen, the edges are a light blue
The peak of Granite Mountain
A hiker resting
20090627_granitemthike_0239 20090627_granitemthike_0241
Me taking in the view

Mount Adams and Mount Rainier in the background

20090627_granitemthike_0245 20090627_granitemthike_0248
Nick standing near the fire lookout

20090627_granitemthike_0250 20090627_granitemthike_0253 20090627_granitemthike_0266
My knees are killing me on the way down

Doug and Naomi hanging out waiting for us

The group

We saw a snake on the path on the way down…..I hate snakes

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