Monday, June 29, 2009

Who Would Have Thought Four Years Later

Four years ago, I met for the first time Nicki and Marvin Cramer. I met them in the beer garden at Cool Desert Nights after the band Retread performed. Who would have thought four years later, these two amazing people would be my future in laws. I talked very candidly with them asking what were the things that their son looked for in a woman? I remember distinctly Nicki saying Nick wants an independent, smart, adventurous and goal oriented woman who challenges him. I asked does education or race matter to Nick? She said,”No”. I asked her if Nick found intelligence intimating? She said,”I don’t really know”. All the while I’m asking these questions, Marvin had a sneaky suspicion that I was interested in Nick and asked Nicki if there was something going on between the two of us. She said,”No, they’re just friends”. I had already begun to fall in love with Nick even before meeting Nicki and Marvin, but was worried about pursuing anything with him for the fear of losing our friendship. I wanted Nick to ask me out so it would put my fears to rest.

retread1 Retread2

Four years later, the day before Cool Desert Nights, Nicki, Marvin and I were hanging in the beer garden at Hogs and Dogs listening to IV play. I had a bit of a nostalgic moment and remembered meeting them four years ago on almost the same day. I will never forget my first encounter with them and am very lucky to be married to their son and have them as amazing in laws. They’re acceptance of who I am, my heritage, all of my quirks, and loving me as one of their own means a lot to me.


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