Monday, July 6, 2009

Hoover Dam and the New Bridge

It was REALLY hot when we stopped on the Hoover Dam.  It was about 110 degrees.  The new bridge that crosses over the Colorado River was amazing.  Such an engineering marvel.  We saw it in January.  It has definitely made a lot of progress since then.


20090705_hooverdam_0002 20090705_hooverdam_0003 20090705_hooverdam_0007 20090705_hooverdam_0010  20090705_hooverdam_0013 20090705_hooverdam_0014 20090705_hooverdam_0017 20090705_hooverdam_0020 20090705_hooverdam_0027 20090705_hooverdam_0030 20090705_hooverdam_0031 20090705_hooverdam_0032 20090705_hooverdam_0033 20090705_hooverdam_0058

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