Monday, July 6, 2009

Las Vegas to Sedona

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The gang stayed in the Paris Hotel overnight before heading out.  We got there at about 1 AM and left at 8 AM, so not much time in Vegas

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Signs in the Paris Hotel
We had some savory crepes for breakfast
20090703_sedona_0025 20090703_sedona_0028
The new bridge near the Hoover Dam that goes over the Colorado River
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We were driving around Sedona trying to get to the Devil’s Arch hike, but going mudding with a mini van was out of the question, we’ll have to go some other time in a 4 wheel drive car or Jeep

Doug….our driver in Sedona 

20090703_sedona_0103 20090703_sedona_0114
Cathedral Rocks.  We would have hiked to the top but the sporadic thunderstorms and rain stopped us.  It was still an amazing view.

20090703_sedona_0115 20090703_sedona_0121
After one of the rain showers there were rainbows everywhere

20090703_sedona_0129 20090703_sedona_0132 
Chapel of the Holy Cross, it was pretty neat built on the side of the hillside
A mansion that was acrossed the street, it had a telescope on the roof.  That house must been worth at least a couple million dollars with the 360 degree views of all the rock formations.

20090703_sedona_0149 20090703_sedona_0193 20090703_sedona_0204 20090703_sedona_0207
Heading out of Sedona


Nick and I ate at a sushi restaurnt called Karma for dinner, it was delicious

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