Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vietnam Starbucks

As Carolyn posted, you now know that we are going to Vietnam. 3 weeks in Vietnam! Crazy to believe I'm going their since the most "international" I have gone is Vancouver, Canada. That *barely* counts.

One thing I can always count on at home or pretty much anywhere in the USA is ... Starbucks. I like to get the occasional tall mocha. Ok, maybe not so "occasional" ... more like every morning I can talk Carolyn into going with me. Sometimes she tries to talk me into trying another coffee shop but it is never the same.

I was recently wondering ... Does Vietnam have Starbucks? I figured, you can stand on a street corner in Seattle and see a Starbucks in all 4 directions ... there must be a least a few Starbucks shops in the cities of Vietnam. So ... I did a google search ...

As you can see ... the results were not good. Not good at all. 3 weeks ... No Starbucks. Maybe I will come home "cured" ...

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