Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Waiting for our flight to Bangkok from Saigon.  We had free wi-fi which was nice.

20090816_vietnam_0008 20090816_vietnam_0005
Our nice hotel in Bangkok

20090816_vietnam_0012 20090816_vietnam_0015 20090816_vietnam_0020 20090816_vietnam_0025 20090816_vietnam_0026 20090816_vietnam_0029 20090816_vietnam_0038
Our first stop in Bangkok was the Golden Mount

20090816_vietnam_0048 20090816_vietnam_0049 20090816_vietnam_0052 20090816_vietnam_0053
Then we stopped for some street food, which was cheap and delicious

20090816_vietnam_0072 20090816_vietnam_0075 20090816_vietnam_0079 20090816_vietnam_0088 20090816_vietnam_0094 20090816_vietnam_0105
The reclining golden Buddha was 46 meters long and 15 meters high!

20090816_vietnam_0199 20090816_vietnam_0121 20090816_vietnam_0133 20090816_vietnam_0142  20090816_vietnam_0169 
Wat Pho has the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand

Taking the ferry to Wat Arun
20090816_vietnam_0212 20090816_vietnam_0228
The stairs were really steep

20090816_vietnam_0230 20090816_vietnam_0197
20090816_vietnam_0239 20090816_vietnam_0236
All the stuppas were made of broken flower pots

 20090817_vietnam_0003 20090817_vietnam_0004 20090817_vietnam_0007 20090817_vietnam_0014
The Emerald Buddha worth about 50 million dollars



Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace

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