Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cu Chi Tunnels

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We were in the van for 11 hours going from Dalat to Saigon.  On the long drive I put photos up on the blog and we stopped at these large rock formations from a volcano erruption.

Floating village

Our first excursion of the day were the Cu Chi Tunnels
This was one of many boobie traps set around the jungle.  This particular one had bamboo spears at the bottom that had poison on the tips.  If a person walked on the spinning plank they would be in for a sharp surprise.

20090814_vietnam_0052 20090814_vietnam_0060 20090814_vietnam_0065 20090814_vietnam_0080
These were little covered fox holes for people to hide under the leaves

20090814_vietnam_0084 20090814_vietnam_0089
Entrance into some of the tunnels

20090814_vietnam_0105 20090814_vietnam_0109

They had a shooting range for various guns.  I did NOT shoot any guns.  I was too scared.

 20090814_vietnam_0127 20090814_vietnam_0128 20090814_vietnam_0129 20090814_vietnam_0130
We learned how rice paper was made

20090814_vietnam_0131 20090814_vietnam_0137 20090814_vietnam_0140 20090814_vietnam_0142
Going through the tunnels was very hot

We are in one of the hidden rooms that actually was regular human height



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