Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For our last half-day in Phuket, we enjoyed a 1 hour elephant ride excursion. It was amazing. The elephants are so agile. They can easily carry 2 of us and the guide over steep terrain. They have very coarse hairs like a broom and rough skin.

Erin and Bob boarding their 40 year old elephant

20090818_vietnam_00194 20090818_vietnam_00206

20090819_vietnam_0015 20090819_vietnam_0020
The guide sits comfortably on the elephant’s head

20090819_vietnam_0030 20090819_vietnam_0032 20090819_vietnam_0038
Nick and Bob took a turn in the driver’s seat of their elephants

20090819_vietnam_0034 20090819_vietnam_0037 20090819_vietnam_0043
Erin and Carolyn in the driver’s seat

20090819_vietnam_0047 20090819_vietnam_0058

Baby elephant

20090819_vietnam_0063 20090819_vietnam_0076 20090819_vietnam_0078
Baby elephant doing a few tricks … plays harmonica, sits up, moons, and bows.


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