Friday, August 21, 2009

Our last night in Thailand

For our last two nights in Thailand, we stayed on a small island called Koh Phangan.  Getting there was a little more exciting than we expected. 

We flew from Phuket to an airport on the island Koh Samui.  In the airport we asked how to get to the ferry boat only to find out the last one left already.  Then we heard two young Australian ladies asking the same thing.  We were then told our combined group of 6 people could purchase an over-priced private speed boat ride to Koh Phangan.  It was dark, raining hard with thunder and lighting.  We were tired and we just wanted to get to our hotel on Koh Phangan … so we did it. 

We paid and an airport worker took us to a van.  The van drove us further than we expected because we knew the pier was close.  We turned down a narrow, bumpy, dirt side road and everyone was doubtful we were headed to the main pier.  The van stopped at a little shack.  We took a path around the shack and ended up at a bar on the beach where a speed boat was waiting.  We all waded into the water, flung our bags in the speed boat, and headed out into the dark.

The water was pretty rough and we saw lightning as the boat took us the 12 kilometers to Koh Phangan.  When we reached the main pier on Koh Phangan, we unloaded our stuff and started walking up the main street.  We weren’t sure exactly how to reach our hotel or how far it was.  A guy offered a taxi ride when we asked about the Sea Breeze resort.  It wasn’t really a taxi … more like a truck with benches in the bed.  So we climbed in and he drove us a short distance uphill to the hotel.  We checked in without any problems and made it to our rooms.

The whole experience was a little creepy in the dark, rain, and lightning with so many unknowns.   In the morning, we woke up to a sunny day and nice view from our hotel.  We spent our time on the island relaxing, swimming, shopping, watching a movie, and enjoying some drinks.

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Now we start the long journey home.   Ferry to Koh Samui, flight to Bangkok, flight to Ho Chi Min City, dinner with Carolyn’s aunt, flight to Seoul, short city tour of Seoul, flight to Seattle, and the final drive home.

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