Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The clouds on our way into Phuket

20090817_vietnam_0054 20090817_vietnam_0056
Our hotel at the Evason Six Senses

20090817_vietnam_0064 20090817_vietnam_0068 20090817_vietnam_0093 20090817_vietnam_0116 20090817_vietnam_0120 20090817_vietnam_0128 20090817_vietnam_012720090817_vietnam_0130
Coral Island

20090817_vietnam_0141 20090817_vietnam_0139 20090818_vietnam_0013 20090818_vietnam_0009
We saw every single fish in the movie Finding Nemo while snorkelling in Phuket

20090818_vietnam_0017 20090818_vietnam_0022 20090818_vietnam_0077 20090818_vietnam_0086 20090818_vietnam_0094
Hanging in the infinity pool at the hotel

View from our room

20090818_vietnam_00119 20090818_vietnam_00134 20090818_vietnam_00142
We went to a place called Fantasea which was like Disneyland. It had an awesome show. It had a ton of traditional Thai dances, songs, and a lot of animals on stage. The predominant one was the elephant. We were not allowed to take photos during the show. We did get to see some animals in one of the side shops. They were amazing!

20090818_vietnam_00149 20090818_vietnam_00151 20090818_vietnam_00160
20090818_vietnam_00164 20090818_vietnam_00168
White tigers

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