Monday, August 31, 2009

Skyline Trail at Mount Rainier

Reflection Lake

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Panorama Point

20090830_skylinetrail_0232 20090830_skylinetrail_0233 20090830_skylinetrail_0271 20090830_skylinetrail_0278 20090830_skylinetrail_0283 20090830_skylinetrail_0284 20090830_skylinetrail_0288
Big fat hoary marmot, so cute

Mini rice krispy treat

20090830_skylinetrail_0300 20090830_skylinetrail_0304 20090830_skylinetrail_0306 20090830_skylinetrail_0308 20090830_skylinetrail_0318

All of these pictures were from our trip to Mount Rainier on Sunday.  We did the Skyline Trail which was about 6 miles round trip and had about 1500 feet of elevation.  This is at the Paradise side of the mountain.  The weather was perfect and the views were stunning.  This was our first hike since our trip to Vietnam so we took it nice and easy.

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