Monday, August 10, 2009

Vietnam in a Flash

Carolyn: So what do you guys think so far?

Erin: of what?

Carolyn: Of everything in general?

Bob: we’ve seen some really cool stuff

Erin: There’s a lot of history here

Nick: Everything has a meaning, like a deeper meaning it is hard to remember it all, lots of symbols and things like that

Bob: Western culture has made its way into this culture that I didn’t expect

Carolyn: I am surprised at how well I am able to speak Vietnamese over here and not feel completely lost

Carolyn: Where are we going now?

Erin, Nick: Nha Trang

Erin: Snorkelling!

Nick: We might get to go to a private island

Carolyn: The drive here from Hue was beautiful.  I only wish we hadn’t woken up at 3:30 AM

Erin: I like the goats on the bunker

Nick: Yeah that was funny

Carolyn: What are some Hieuisms?

(Hieu is our personal tourguide)

Erin: hhahahahaa, “Very Beautiful”

Bob: “So Sorry”

Nick: “Don’t worry about a thing”

Erin: “I have good organization for you”

Carolyn: “Oh la la”

Nick: “That rock over there looks like a boobie, you know boobie?”

Erin: “I so boring”

Bob: “No problem”

Carolyn: “How many girlfriend you have?”, “What are the four animals?

Erin: “I very handsome”

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