Monday, September 21, 2009

High Rock Lookout

After a bunch of twists and turns outside the town of Packwood, we finally made it to the High Rock Lookout trailhead.  The hike definitely wasn’t one of our longest, but the view was by far one of the best.  We had a view of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens.

 High Rock Lookout-3 High Rock Lookout-195High Rock Lookout-5 IMG_4601IMG_4602High Rock Lookout-13     High Rock Lookout-38IMG_4608High Rock Lookout-40  High Rock Lookout-67  High Rock Lookout-76High Rock Lookout-78High Rock Lookout-71 High Rock Lookout-69  IMG_4625
Signing the book

High Rock Lookout-82 High Rock Lookout-88
Hanging out in the lookout tower

IMG_4612High Rock Lookout-64High Rock Lookout-90 High Rock Lookout-91 High Rock Lookout-96
Mount Adams

High Rock Lookout-107 High Rock Lookout-118 High Rock Lookout-141  High Rock Lookout-146 High Rock Lookout-149 High Rock Lookout-142
Sawtooth Ridge

High Rock Lookout-152 High Rock Lookout-154 High Rock Lookout-171High Rock Lookout-169  High Rock Lookout-173  High Rock Lookout-191 High Rock Lookout-188IMG_4604 IMG_4606  IMG_4609 IMG_4610  IMG_4615 IMG_4616
Mount Saint Helens

Mount Adams

Mount Rainier

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