Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

My parent’s came down to visit us this weekend and had a few dinner parties to go to.  One was at my uncle’s house and one was at their friend Nguyen Ha’s.  Lots of food, family, and friends to enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

20090905_laborday_0005 20090905_laborday_0007
My mom and Aunt cleaning some vegetables, my uncle relaxing

20090905_laborday_0009 20090905_laborday_0010
Chicken wings for an appetizer and some fresh crab caught from the west side

20090905_laborday_0013 20090905_laborday_0014
Seafood soup

20090905_laborday_0017 20090905_laborday_0019
Mrs. Ha’s duck dish

20090905_laborday_0021 20090905_laborday_0028
Dessert and the red wine of the evening

20090905_laborday_0030 20090905_laborday_0035 20090905_laborday_0036 20090905_laborday_0038
Watching the game

20090905_laborday_0039 20090905_laborday_0040 20090905_laborday_0041
No pictures please!

20090905_laborday_0043 20090905_laborday_0045 20090905_laborday_0046
My parents and their friends have been getting together like this for the past 18 years

20090905_laborday_0055 20090905_laborday_0056
A little poker action

20090905_laborday_0061 20090905_laborday_0064 20090905_laborday_0065 20090905_laborday_0068
The women and their new purchases

Tony Little’s Gazelle….everyone was intrigued by this piece of exercise equipment at Mrs. Ha’s house

20090906_laborday_0008 20090906_laborday_0011
Aerial view of the women’s table

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