Monday, September 28, 2009

Luray Caverns and Shenandoah Mountains

On Sunday morning we drove a little over an hour to northern Virginia to the Luray Caverns.  Along the way we got to enjoy all the beautiful scenery with all the farms, lush trees, and old charm of the east coast style.



20090927_luray_0009 20090927_luray_0013 20090927_luray_0014
A natural bridge

This area of the cavern was called Reflection Lake.  The water is no more than 12-24 inches deep.  Because of how absolutely still the water is the reflection was amazing.

20090927_luray_0020 20090927_luray_0022 20090927_luray_0023 20090927_luray_0026 20090927_luray_0027
A stalactite and stalacmite growing into eachother

20090927_luray_0028  20090927_luray_0036
Ripple shapes in the cave

20090927_luray_0041 20090927_luray_0042
They call this a Redwood formation because of how large in diameter it is similar to the Redwood trees in California

Totem pole structures

20090927_luray_0060 20090927_luray_0061
Pluto’s Ghost and a Wishing Well.  The water in the wishing well was slightly green due to the reaction of the copper coins and the water

They call these fried eggs.  It used to be two stalamites that broke off leaving these two.  They really do look like fried eggs!

20090927_luray_0068 20090927_luray_0069 
Heading out of the cavern

Beginning of the Shenandoah scenic drive

20090927_luray_0076  20090927_luray_0100
In the next month, all of these trees will turn into lush colors of red, orange and yellow, we were a little too early to see the transformation.  Hopefully we can come again when it does happen someday.

20090927_luray_0115 20090927_luray_0118 20090927_luray_0090

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