Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Parade of Homes 2009

We went to the Parade of Homes this weekend and got a ton of great ideas for when we build.  We went to all 22 houses in two days.  We prefer the lighter colored homes and all the detail work in the wood working.  The wrapped windows, doors, crown molding were gorgeous.  We also were getting ideas for colors and types of countertops, faucets, fixtures, door styles, exterior materials, flooring and tile.  There were so many little details we never thought of.  We have so much to process and things to chose from!

Fireplace with a big mantle

A built in ironing board!

20090912_parade_0020 20090912_parade_0024 20090912_parade_0025 20090912_parade_0027 20090912_parade_0006
Pick a door….any door

20090912_parade_0028 20090912_parade_0029 20090912_parade_0030
Bedding from Pottery Barn

Bubble back splash in the utility room

20090912_parade_0034 20090912_parade_0035 20090912_parade_0048 20090912_parade_0054 20090912_parade_0058
LaPierre’s House that looked like a museum inside

20090912_parade_0063 20090912_parade_0064 20090912_parade_0065 20090912_parade_0066 20090912_parade_0067
I loved this bathroom drawer idea, great use of space

Nick wants an extremely large slider similar to this one for our view


20090912_parade_0075 20090912_parade_0077 20090912_parade_0080 20090912_parade_009320090912_parade_0082 20090912_parade_0087
A few houses had these huge home theater rooms with the most luxurious recliner chairs

20090912_parade_0089  20090912_parade_0096 20090912_parade_0102 20090912_parade_0114 20090912_parade_0115
This house was one of our absolute favorites because of all the wood working detail, the classic traditional personality, and the warm feeling you had when you went in

20090912_parade_0116 20090912_parade_011920090912_parade_0118  20090912_parade_0122 20090912_parade_0124 20090912_parade_0127 
There was a mini house outback for the owner’s grandkids, it was so cute!  The kitchen was so petite

We loved this large bookcase with the ladder

20090912_parade_0130 20090912_parade_0132 20090912_parade_0139 20090912_parade_0147    20090912_parade_0153  20090912_parade_014820090912_parade_0152

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