Sunday, September 27, 2009

Visiting DC and the National Book Festival


We visited the Capitol Building.  It truly is an architectural and political wonder.  It is amazing that this has existed since the 1700s and that all the Presidents, senators, and representatives have made thousands of important decisions here for laws and bills to be passed or rejected.

 20090926_vietnam_0016 20090926_vietnam_0019
The dome is made of 9 million pounds of cast iron!

20090926_vietnam_0021 20090926_vietnam_0022
The ceiling has a painting of George Washington with thirteen representatives of the original thirteen states

20090926_vietnam_0043 20090926_vietnam_0045 20090926_vietnam_0046 20090926_vietnam_0047
Room of statues

20090926_vietnam_0054  20090926_vietnam_0058  
Plaster State of Freedom they use as a mold for the real bronze one on top of the dome of the Capitol Building.  I was really bummed we didn’t get to visit the rooms where the bills are passed or voted upon.

We got to listen to James Patterson talk at the National Book Festival.  If we had known about this even we could have gotten signatures from him, John Grisham, Judy Blume, Nicholas Sparks and Paula Dean.  There were soooo many authors there signing books and giving talks.   We did score on some free canvas and recycled bags from the event.

IMG_4685 IMG_4684
We saw Kermit the Frog and Apolo Ohno’s skates in the Museum of American History

IMG_4694  IMG_469220090926_vietnam_0072 IMG_4693
For lunch we ate at Potbelly’s sandwiches.  It was delicious and spicy.  Loved it!

20090926_vietnam_0075 20090926_vietnam_0076 
YES!  I got to have my photo taken with Nicholas Sparks and his autograph before his talk.  He is really handsome in person.  I love his books!

20090926_vietnam_0084 20090926_vietnam_009020090926_vietnam_0086   20090926_vietnam_0095
Nicholas Spark’s talk was fun and silly.  He talked about inspirations he uses for his books, his family, the private school he started up, and being a track coach. 


We took the metro everywhere.  Nick’s taking a long exposure shot with the metro in the background.

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