Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Draft of the House Plans

Nick and I are currently living in an old townhouse in Richland because we are tenatively building early next year.  We bought a lot in an area of the Tri Cities called Crested Hills.  It is sloped which means we can have a rambler, daylight basement, plus a third floor for storage.  The architect we used was Corey Lee at O.W.I designs.  He drew the main level first to get the footprint established, then we made our changes.  Then he drew the daylight portion and front rendering, we made our changes again, now we are in the final stages of the drawing process.   We really appreciate all the input we got from family and friends.  They all see things we don’t necessarily see.   We are really excited to see the final plans in a few short weeks so we can get bids from various builders of the Tri Cities. 

20090827_houseplans_0001 20090827_houseplans_0002 20090827_houseplans_0009 20090829_houseplans_0012

We’ll post the final drawings once we get them.  Here are some renderings of the lot layout and site profile.

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