Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cave B Winery at Sage Cliffe Inn

Some girl friends and I went to Cave B Winery and Sage Cliffe Inn for lunch on Saturday which is about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of the Tri Cities in the town of Quincy.  It is an incredibly romantic place to be with sweeping views of the gorge and vineyards.  I definitely want to come back with Nick.  There are little private bungalows, a restaurant, spa area for massages, pedicures, facials, and a very good winery.  I’d like to come back for dinner or brunch sometime.

 Cave B-3 Cave B-4 Cave B-5 Cave B-7
Foyer area

Cave B-6 
View outside the foyer

Cave B-9
We ate at Tendril’s Restaurant

 Carrot ginger
Carrot Ginger Soup

Pot pie
Open faced chicken pot pie it had a very delicate piece of puff pastry on top, very tasty not too heavy

Cave B-12 Cave B-14 Cave B-15 Cave B-16
There was snow!

Cave B-17
Beautiful little venue for weddings or little concerts 

Cave B-19 Cave B-22
View of the gorge area

Cave B-26 Cave B-29 Cave B-30 
This was the tasting room, pretty much every single wine was very tasty

Cave B-31
Next to the tasting room was an underground, cavern where you can sit and taste and listen to live music.  They have occasional singers or acoustic players perform in this little cave area.

Cave B-33 Cave B-35
Erin, Rachel, Tara, Naomi, Lyndsey and I

Cave B-40

Cave B-42

We stopped at the Ginko Winery on our way home.  The port Syrah was delicious.

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