Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kennewick is The King of Kool

I don’t know if anyone knew this or not, but Kennewick is the King of Kool.   The 7-11 store at 3606 W. Clearwater Avenue has been the No. 1 seller of slurpees on earth. And they were the No. 1 slurpee seller in the U.S. in 2007.  Daniel, a friend of Geoff and Lin’s visiting from Australia told us of that fact, so we had to take him to that 7-11 to get his first slurpee ever. 

7 Eleven-5
Danny doing a pseudo jump shot

7 Eleven-6 7 Eleven-7 7 Eleven-8 7 Eleven-10 7 Eleven-11
Fighting over Lin’s purse

7 Eleven-12 7 Eleven-13
I’ve never seen so many flavors!

7 Eleven-15 7 Eleven-16 7 Eleven-17
Here’s the giant trophy!

7 Eleven-18
Geoff, Danny, Lin and I with our slurpees.  I had the Hawaiian punch one.  Lin had a pina colada with mango mix, Danny had some sort of blue one, and Geoff had an orange creme one.

7 Eleven-1
This is Danny, visiting from Australia

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