Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Burbank High School Reunion

Shanda and her husband Brian threw a holiday/baby shower party at their new house in Kennewick.  There were quite a few of Nick’s old high school friends at the get together.  His two friends, Heidi and Erin are both expecting baby boys in a few months.  It was a nice time meeting everyone and catching up.

Burbank Holiday Party-2
Keith and Andy

Burbank Holiday Party-7
Shanda’s dog Susie

Burbank Holiday Party-10
Michelle’s son

Burbank Holiday Party-13
Decorating cookies

Burbank Holiday Party-15 Burbank Holiday Party-20 Burbank Holiday Party-21
Heidi holding Michelle’s son who threw up on her shirt, the look on her face is priceless

Burbank Holiday Party-22 Burbank Holiday Party-32
Burbank Holiday Party-25
Decorated cookies

Burbank Holiday Party-29 Burbank Holiday Party-30  Burbank Holiday Party-36
He’s so precious

Burbank Holiday Party-42 The whole Burbank gang

Burbank Holiday Party-45 Burbank Holiday Party-46 Burbank Holiday Party-47 Burbank Holiday Party-49
Shanda’s Christmas tree and Erin holding Michelle’s son

Burbank Holiday Party-50 Burbank Holiday Party-51 Burbank Holiday Party-52
Michelle’s daughter is so cute

Burbank Holiday Party-54  Burbank Holiday Party-56
Erin opening up gifts

Burbank Holiday Party-55
Shanda and Bryan

Burbank Holiday Party-57
Andy and Erin’s husband Michael Grillo

Burbank Holiday Party-59 
Corinne and Erin (formerly Kinzer)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Nguyen Dinh Christmas

My family and my uncle’s family celebrated Christmas at their house on the 25th.  My uncle’s tree had a defining divide between the Cougars and the Huskies.  Check out their ornaments.  We opened gifts, grabbed the movie Sherlock Holmes, then had a nice seafood dinner.

Nguyen Christmas-1  Nguyen Christmas-2 Nguyen Christmas-3 Nguyen Christmas-6 Nguyen Christmas-12
Their Christmas tree

Nguyen Christmas-16 Nguyen Christmas-17
Nick and I cooked Mi Quang, a pork and shrimp noodle broth soup

 Nguyen Christmas-25  Nguyen Christmas-28 Nguyen Christmas-29 Nguyen Christmas-32 Nguyen Christmas-37 Nguyen Christmas-40 Nguyen Christmas-41 Nguyen Christmas-42 Nguyen Christmas-51 
Ngau, Alan and Cuom are hams

Nguyen Christmas-58 Nguyen Christmas-60
Family photo

Nguyen Christmas-62 Nguyen Christmas-64 Nguyen Christmas-66 Nguyen Christmas-67 Nguyen Christmas-72 Nguyen Christmas-74 Nguyen Christmas-87 Nguyen Christmas-93 Nguyen Christmas-94
Wine and German Beer how can you go wrong?!

Nguyen Christmas-97 Nguyen Christmas-99 Nguyen Christmas-107 Nguyen Christmas-109
Custom calendars Nick and I put together

Nguyen Christmas-110
Nick and I got Snuggies!

Nguyen Christmas-113 Nguyen Christmas-114

Nguyen Christmas-121 Nguyen Christmas-123
Liem is a little too happy

Nguyen Christmas-126 Nguyen Christmas-127 Nguyen Christmas-129  Nguyen Christmas-133
Nick loves the gift Mina and Todd gave him.  Thumbs up!

Nguyen Christmas-134 Nguyen Christmas-138 Nguyen Christmas-140
My mom gave me some bamboo yarn to make a sweater and a gift card to Joann’s

Nguyen Christmas-147 
Nguyen Christmas-148 Nguyen Christmas-149  Nguyen Christmas-153
The boys wearing ALL their new clothes

Nguyen Christmas-155 Nguyen Christmas-156 Nguyen Christmas-157 Nguyen Christmas-162
I love Sex and the City show!

Nguyen Christmas-167  Nguyen Christmas-170
Nguyen Christmas-173
Cold hard cash in a tobasco bottle box!

Nguyen Christmas-171  Nguyen Christmas-174 Nguyen Christmas-179 Nguyen Christmas-188
Nick got a 2 terabyte harddrive, Liem got a 1 terabyte, Nick wouldn’t let him pry that from his hands

Nguyen Christmas-194 Nguyen Christmas-195 Nguyen Christmas-199 Nguyen Christmas-200
Everyone playing with Liem’s new guitar

Nguyen Christmas-201 Nguyen Christmas-204 Nguyen Christmas-205 Nguyen Christmas-207
Playing some serious cards

Nguyen Christmas-210 Nguyen Christmas-211
Alan’s picture is priceless