Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Nguyen Dinh Christmas

My family and my uncle’s family celebrated Christmas at their house on the 25th.  My uncle’s tree had a defining divide between the Cougars and the Huskies.  Check out their ornaments.  We opened gifts, grabbed the movie Sherlock Holmes, then had a nice seafood dinner.

Nguyen Christmas-1  Nguyen Christmas-2 Nguyen Christmas-3 Nguyen Christmas-6 Nguyen Christmas-12
Their Christmas tree

Nguyen Christmas-16 Nguyen Christmas-17
Nick and I cooked Mi Quang, a pork and shrimp noodle broth soup

 Nguyen Christmas-25  Nguyen Christmas-28 Nguyen Christmas-29 Nguyen Christmas-32 Nguyen Christmas-37 Nguyen Christmas-40 Nguyen Christmas-41 Nguyen Christmas-42 Nguyen Christmas-51 
Ngau, Alan and Cuom are hams

Nguyen Christmas-58 Nguyen Christmas-60
Family photo

Nguyen Christmas-62 Nguyen Christmas-64 Nguyen Christmas-66 Nguyen Christmas-67 Nguyen Christmas-72 Nguyen Christmas-74 Nguyen Christmas-87 Nguyen Christmas-93 Nguyen Christmas-94
Wine and German Beer how can you go wrong?!

Nguyen Christmas-97 Nguyen Christmas-99 Nguyen Christmas-107 Nguyen Christmas-109
Custom calendars Nick and I put together

Nguyen Christmas-110
Nick and I got Snuggies!

Nguyen Christmas-113 Nguyen Christmas-114

Nguyen Christmas-121 Nguyen Christmas-123
Liem is a little too happy

Nguyen Christmas-126 Nguyen Christmas-127 Nguyen Christmas-129  Nguyen Christmas-133
Nick loves the gift Mina and Todd gave him.  Thumbs up!

Nguyen Christmas-134 Nguyen Christmas-138 Nguyen Christmas-140
My mom gave me some bamboo yarn to make a sweater and a gift card to Joann’s

Nguyen Christmas-147 
Nguyen Christmas-148 Nguyen Christmas-149  Nguyen Christmas-153
The boys wearing ALL their new clothes

Nguyen Christmas-155 Nguyen Christmas-156 Nguyen Christmas-157 Nguyen Christmas-162
I love Sex and the City show!

Nguyen Christmas-167  Nguyen Christmas-170
Nguyen Christmas-173
Cold hard cash in a tobasco bottle box!

Nguyen Christmas-171  Nguyen Christmas-174 Nguyen Christmas-179 Nguyen Christmas-188
Nick got a 2 terabyte harddrive, Liem got a 1 terabyte, Nick wouldn’t let him pry that from his hands

Nguyen Christmas-194 Nguyen Christmas-195 Nguyen Christmas-199 Nguyen Christmas-200
Everyone playing with Liem’s new guitar

Nguyen Christmas-201 Nguyen Christmas-204 Nguyen Christmas-205 Nguyen Christmas-207
Playing some serious cards

Nguyen Christmas-210 Nguyen Christmas-211
Alan’s picture is priceless

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J Yang said...

those noodles look tasty! looks like you guys got some cool gifts too!