Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recent Activities

I had a bunch of photos on my G9 camera that I finally got a moment to post.

A couple weeks ago we went to Nick’s division party which was at the Shiloh Inn.  There were some pretty amazing prizes there.  They had a 37 inch LCD tv, blu-ray player, pots and pans, Costco gift card, wine baskets, Guitar Hero for the XBOX, a Cuisinart, etc etc.   We were hoping we would win something, but we didn’t.  Even though we didn’t, the food was good and the company was fun.  Someone at our table even had these reindeer ears we all wore. 

IMG_5504IMG_5500   IMG_5502 IMG_5503  IMG_5506
This photo of Doug is hillarious

This was the centerpiece 

IMG_5513 IMG_5514
There was salmon, prime rib, potatoes and Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake!  Yummy!

IMG_5516 IMG_5520 IMG_5525
After the party I met up with Jenny and Dan

A couple Sundays ago Jenny and I drove out to Prosser to visit her friend Jason who works at Heavens Cave.  We also visited Alexandria Nicole winery.  Loved all the wines.  Good times.
IMG_5527 IMG_5528  IMG_5531

Last Saturday I came and volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build.  This is what the house on the outside looks like now.  I did the vacuuming and some digging outside.  Next Saturday is the big induction to the family. 
IMG_5534 IMG_5535

On Saturday night we went to the Tri City American’s Game.  They played the Portland Winterhawks who one of the AMS biggest rivals.  That night, on the first goal the American’s made, the audience got to throw a teddy bear to donate.  They collected over 2000 bears!  It was awesome.  They ended up winning that night.
IMG_5539 IMG_5541 IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5547 IMG_5550
There were so many fights!  Those make things a little interesting and fun. 

IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5556

This winter because Nick and I don’t have garages to protect our cars, Nick uses a big beach towel to cover the windshield so we don’t have to scrape in the morning.  Today there was a two hour delay for work.  When Nick went outside to start the car and heat it up, this is what happened to the towel!  It completely froze into a solid sheet!  It was hillarious. 

IMG_5586 IMG_5587IMG_5589

  The sheet of ice on my car


There was a cookie exchange today.  Here are some of the treats. YUMMY!
 IMG_5592 IMG_5593 IMG_5594 IMG_5595

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