Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving at Cannon Beach

The Cramer family went to Cannon Beach for Thanksgiving this year.  It was a ton of fun and very relaxing. 

Cannon Beach-20 Cannon Beach-29 Cannon Beach-35 Cannon Beach-48
Hanging out in front of Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach-54 Cannon Beach-59 Cannon Beach-67 Cannon Beach-117 Cannon Beach-118
Aren’t they handsome?! 

Cannon Beach-120 Cannon Beach-124
The famous Ecola State Park…you’ve seen this in Goonies and car commericals

Cannon Beach-127 Cannon Beach-128 Cannon Beach-129 Cannon Beach-132 Cannon Beach-138 Cannon Beach-142  Cannon Beach-147 Cannon Beach-155 Cannon Beach-156 Cannon Beach-158 Cannon Beach-160 Cannon Beach-164 Cannon Beach-166 Cannon Beach-167

Cannon Beach-185 Cannon Beach-187
The lighthouse is way out yonder

Cannon Beach-194 Cannon Beach-197 Cannon Beach-199
Dad and Esteban

Cannon Beach-200

Cannon Beach-203 Cannon Beach-205
Yummy prime rib!

Cannon Beach-208 Cannon Beach-209 Cannon Beach-213 Cannon Beach-218 Cannon Beach-221 Cannon Beach-233
We drove to Seaside to catch the local Christmas parade

Cannon Beach-238 Cannon Beach-239 Cannon Beach-243 Cannon Beach-244 Cannon Beach-246 Cannon Beach-247 Cannon Beach-249
We used Shawna’s metal detector to hunt for buried treasure

Cannon Beach-250 Cannon Beach-251 Cannon Beach-252  Cannon Beach-255

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