Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Merry Cramer Christmas

We had a very nice holiday over at the Cramer house.  Good food, good times, awesome presents, lots of laughs, pajamas and the hillarious movie the Hangover.

Cramer Christmas-6
Cooking some food before the party, check out the steam!

Cramer Christmas-12 Cramer Christmas-16 
These are cool blinking bags

Cramer Christmas-20    Cramer Christmas-27 Cramer Christmas-28 Cramer Christmas-30 Cramer Christmas-32 Cramer Christmas-37 Cramer Christmas-39 Cramer Christmas-41
Family photo Take 1

Cramer Christmas-43
Family photo Take 2

Cramer Christmas-45
Family Photo Take 3, I think everyone but Grandma is looking

Cramer Christmas-48
Dad performed a beautiful Mary, Did You Know song

Cramer Christmas-54 Cramer Christmas-58 Cramer Christmas-60
Gotta love gift cards!  Thanks Teri!

Cramer Christmas-63 Cramer Christmas-65 Cramer Christmas-66 Cramer Christmas-68 Cramer Christmas-69
The chicken still has its legs at this point before Esteban completely annihilates them

Cramer Christmas-73 Cramer Christmas-81 Cramer Christmas-82
I made this apron for mom

Cramer Christmas-87
Got tools?

Cramer Christmas-89  Cramer Christmas-97 Cramer Christmas-101 Cramer Christmas-102 Cramer Christmas-105 Cramer Christmas-113 Cramer Christmas-114 Cramer Christmas-115 Cramer Christmas-116
Shawna got some tools too!

Cramer Christmas-118Cramer Christmas-117 Cramer Christmas-125 Cramer Christmas-127
Seriously why do I always look like the village idiot? 

Cramer Christmas-128 Cramer Christmas-132 Cramer Christmas-145 Cramer Christmas-147
The hot ticket item this year….Snuggie!

Cramer Christmas-152 Cramer Christmas-154 Cramer Christmas-155 Cramer Christmas-158 Cramer Christmas-164 Cramer Christmas-165 Cramer Christmas-171 Cramer Christmas-174 Cramer Christmas-175
Thanks Katie for the handmade cap and booties!

Cramer Christmas-176 Cramer Christmas-184 Cramer Christmas-186 Cramer Christmas-187
Katie made this awesome caddy

Cramer Christmas-191 Cramer Christmas-192

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