Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Meal #7

I swear birthdays are a week long event.  The weekend before when we went home to Seattle, mom and dad Nguyen made dinner for me (Meal #1).  On Friday January 15th mom and dad Cramer took me to Bone Fish (Meal #2).  On my actual birthday on Monday, Jenny took me to lunch at Subs N Jeans (Meal #3), then Nick took me out to sushi (Meal #4) for dinner.  On Wednesday night, Ryan and Emily made us dinner at their house (Meal #5).  On Thursday, Doug and Naomi took us out to lunch (Meal #6).  On Friday, the whole gang went out to dinner at Picazo 717 (Meal #7)!  So many meals for one birthday.  I was so spoilled.  Here are some pictures from the dinner party.

Picazo-2 Picazo-6
Erin and Bob

Avery thinking hard

The lovely Amber

Picazo-17 Picazo-21
Cute picture of Wendy and Dave

I chopped 6 inches off my hair!

Picazo-24 Picazo-25
Amber, Jenny and I

The whole gang

Picazo-28 Picazo-30
Jell-O shots at Lee’s Tahitian

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