Monday, January 4, 2010

Exercise Week 1: Running

Well the beginning of the year went off really well for Nick, for me though, I think I have gotten sick after Christmas right before New Year’s the every single year for the past four or five years like clockwork.  UGH.  I’ve had a really bad cough, headache pressure, a little big of an earache, back pain, and overall tiredness.  Everytime I THINK I’m better, I’m not.  So I’m trying to rest, take in a lot of fluids and medicine.  Being sick means I missed out on running.  Nick went running yesterday, but I still have time before the end of the week to exercise if I get healthy.  Here are the stats:

Date: Sunday, January 3, 2010
Activity: Running
Distance: 3.25 miles

We’ve been wanting to exercise, but we always find excuses and after a long day, it’s hard to get into the habit.  So we’re going to try really hard this year to be active on a regular basis.  Last year we did a lot of hiking and would get into a running or biking kick but it wouldn’t last long or we would be inconsistent.  Consistency will help with our habit.

Sick in Bed  Christmas Toy
I’m blogging in bed right now, watching TV on my Christmas gift…Thanks Santa

Carolyn Dinner  New Years Dinner
Photos from my iPhone from New Year’s dinner. We were supposed to go to Seattle, but the roads were horribly bad so we ended up staying home which is when my cold started.

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