Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exercise Week 2: Running, Walking and Snowshoeing

This week’s exercise consisted of running and snowshoeing.  I wanted to take it easy because I just got over my cold.  I think next week I’ll be back to 100%.

Date: Tuesday January 12, 2010
Activity: Running
Distance: Nick’s run 3.1 miles   Carolyn’s run/walk 2.25 miles

Date: Saturday January 16, 2010
Activity: Snowshoeing
Distance: ~3 miles

Chris, Fenton, Nick and I went snowshoeing near Spout Springs called Horseshoe Prairie in Oregon.  It was Nick and my first time going and it was a lot of fun.  It definitely gets the blood pumping so it was a good workout. 

Snowshoeing-1 Snowshoeing-5 Snowshoeing-10 Snowshoeing-11 Snowshoeing-13 Snowshoeing-14
Had to do the cheesy peace sign


Snowshoeing-20    Snowshoeing-25
Nick and my hiking poles

Snowshoeing-30 Snowshoeing-23Snowshoeing-32  Snowshoeing-35 Snowshoeing-38 Snowshoeing-42 Snowshoeing-46 Snowshoeing-49  Snowshoeing-53
Fenton’s drink of choice and keeping it nice and cold

Snowshoeing-55 Snowshoeing-57 Snowshoeing-59 Snowshoeing-62 Snowshoeing-69

After snowshoeing we stopped in Walla Walla and ate dinner at T Maccarone’s.   The food and wine was fabulous.  Yummy!
Snowshoeing-70 Snowshoeing-71

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