Monday, January 11, 2010

Sculptures and Succulent Meat

Nick and I went to Seattle because we wanted to spend time with my family since we hadn’t been home in quite a while.  My parents came down at Christmas time and when we tried to go New Year’s weekend the weather was terrible so we couldn’t make it.  This time though we THOUGHT we had a bit of trouble with the Saab because when we started the drive on Vantage we thought we heard a hissing sound and then when we pulled over we saw brown sticky fluid around both front wheel wells.  I just had the four shocks and struts replaced on all four tires so we thought maybe it was hydraulic fluid.  So we turned around and went to the tire store and they lifted the car and said it definitely wasn’t hydraulic fluid and said it was most likely engine oil.  So ugh….we were freaked out.  We dropped my car off to Redline and they said they would take a look at it on Tuesday.  So we traded Nick’s BMW with Dad’s truck and drove over to Seattle.  The pass was nasty because there was freezing rain, the temperature was very cold and there was ice all over the roads.  I was scared, but luckily Nick is an excellent driver and the truck handled really well.  So we finally made it at about 7:30.  Thanks Dad for lending the car!  My mom was really really sick with the same symptoms I had all last week.  So we got some food for her and let her rest.

On Saturday morning Alan, Nick and I went to the Seattle Sculpture Park down near the waterfront since none of us had never been.  It was interesting to see and nice weather out.  Then we went to the University District to have some lunch and check out some of the shops. 

Sculpture Park-1 Sculpture Park-4 Sculpture Park-8 Sculpture Park-10 Sculpture Park-11 Sculpture Park-17 Sculpture Park-30Sculpture Park-21 Sculpture Park-28Sculpture Park-24 Sculpture Park-27  Sculpture Park-29   Sculpture Park-32  Sculpture Park-35 Sculpture Park-37 Sculpture Park-39 Sculpture Park-41 Sculpture Park-42 Sculpture Park-45 

My mom bought a bunch of food last weekend had we come home for New Year’s so we celebrated that and my birthday.  We had an awesome prime rib, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, pasta, salad and even some tiramisu!  Sculpture Park-47 Sculpture Park-48 Sculpture Park-49 Sculpture Park-52 Sculpture Park-53 Sculpture Park-61
I’m using my foot to shoo Nick away

Sculpture Park-66 Sculpture Park-67 Sculpture Park-73
My mom’s new orchid

Sculpture Park-78 Sculpture Park-80 Sculpture Park-82 Sculpture Park-84
There should be 33 candles….1 is plenty

Sculpture Park-86 Sculpture Park-87

Sculpture Park-89 Sculpture Park-92 Sculpture Park-93 Sculpture Park-100Sculpture Park-97 Sculpture Park-99  Sculpture Park-105 Sculpture Park-106 Sculpture Park-107

Nick, my dad and I played a Vietnamese poker game.  Nick ended up winning $2!  When we came home and traded cars back, we had an awesome surprise to come home to…..a detailled car all clean and spic n span from Dad washing, waxing and vacuuming the inside.  Thanks Dad! 

So Redline called me today and said that the brown sticky stuff around the wheel well of my car was DE-ICER!  Thank goodness it wasn’t something really bad.  He said a lot of people have brought their cars in with the same complaint because it has the same coloring as engine oil.  So he said we owed him some spudnut doughnuts which I’ll bring by tomorrow.

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