Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Recent Activities

I gave baby Paige a sweater and hat I knit

She mostly sleeps when we come.  She’s so sweet.

I finally got to see her eyes! 

Still sleeping

On Saturday Nick and I went hunting for fixtures, quartz and granite counter tops, tile and flooring around town

IMG_5780 IMG_5783 IMG_5784
We hadn’t stopped by the lot in a couple months so we decided to do a driveby and check things out

We went up to see some of the higher up lots. They have amazing views

IMG_5786 IMG_5787
Nick going to the bottom of our lot

IMG_5788 IMG_5789 IMG_5790
Nick standing on one of our dirt mounds.  Please bring in more dirt!

We have a view of the Mormon Temple and Cathedral of Joy’s garden

We saw a couple dogs on the acesss road

Nick running back up the hill

We went to a hockey game.  Unfortunately the AMS lost against Spokane :(

IMG_5802 IMG_5805
One of my favorite things to watch at the game are fights

IMG_5807 IMG_5809 IMG_5811
Another one of my favorite things to watch is when they play Cotton Eye Joe and all the little kids and apparently grown men take their shirts off and yee haw it!

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