Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is something I am extremely passionate about, especially with educational outreach.    In high school I used to volunteer with Key Club (Kiwanis), National Honor Society, and in local hospitals.  In college I helped out quite a bit with philanthropic activities with my old sorority, tutoring to students and with educational outreach for engineering week, Society of Women Engineers, and monthly demonstrations to local Seattle high schools. 

Since late last year I have been mentoring at the new Delta High School.    Delta High School is a small public high school for students living in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland School Districts. Delta is a STEM high school, meaning the way students learn, as well as what they learn, reflects the world we live in – a world driven by science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), combined with other subjects.

Delta brings together individuals who choose to teach and learn from each other. Collectively, these students create a unique and highly-personalized culture at Delta High School.  I volunteer about two Fridays a month with these students.  I believe in the techniques the school utilizes.  It is a very technical school that teaches the students to think about the answer not just straight memorization in which students memorize for just that moment and forget the next.

Each year I look forward to helping out with the local science fairs.  Specifically I enjoy helping out with the science fair at Carmichael Junior High School and the Mid-Columbia Science Fair.

There were 208 projects about 100 less than last year at Carmichael’s science fair

I judged the first round and entered the scores

I also enjoy volunteering at the Regional Science Bowl.  This year I got to be a moderator and science judge and got to participate in the later rounds.  I look at all the students and am just in aw in how intelligent they are and how well they carry themselves.

Bob and Erin helping out

Nick helping out

This is the 20th year of the National Science Bowl

We were in Room E212

I am looking forward to helping out with the Mid Columbia Science fair this year which takes place in March.  I always am excited to see what projects the kids come up with and to see their creative ideas.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Exercise Week 7: Running

Date:  Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Activity: Running
Distance: ~ 4.56 miles

Nick and I went running on Tuesday night around in town Richland.  We went south on Stevens, around Richland High School, down Lee BLVD, around the Post Office, then north on Jadwin back to the apartment.  It felt pretty good to go on the long run.

Here’s the running path we went on:


Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Fifth Valentine’s Day

This was our fifth Valentine’s Day together this year and as cliche as it sounds we are as much in love now as the day we first met.  I know some of you reading this is internally throwing up, gagging, are jealous or thinking  “yeah right”, but we are very much in love and are looking forward to the years of adventures we will have.  On our way home from Seattle we stopped at The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg for our Valentine’s dinner.  

Chinese New Year-101
The Yellow Church Cafe

Chinese New Year-103 Chinese New Year-104 Chinese New Year-107 Chinese New Year-108
Mood lighting

Chinese New Year-112
I love cute cartoony characters

I love cartoony characters with large heads and small appendages

Chinese New Year-113
The heavenly loaf the restaurant is famous for

Chinese New Year-114 Chinese New Year-115 Chinese New Year-116  
Prime rib and Thai chicken and shrimp curry….Yum!

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Happy New Year!   Nick and I wish everyone a lucky, prosperous and healthy year of the Tiger.  On Saturday morning I helped my mom cook a bunch of the traditional dishes served on New Year’s.

Chinese New Year-11 Chinese New Year-34
Some hard boiled eggs go into a pork dish called thit kho.  I am grating some taro that go into the filling of the egg rolls.

Chinese New Year-13 Chinese New Year-15 Chinese New Year-16   Chinese New Year-20    Chinese New Year-27 Chinese New Year-28 Chinese New Year-30 Chinese New Year-31 
My mom loves orchids.  She has some really beautiful ones that are in bloom.

Chinese New Year-35 Chinese New Year-37
I’m talking to Alan on the phone who is over in Vietnam.  Here are the finished egg rolls.  They had shrimp, crab, taro, carrot, elephant mushroom and ground pork.  DELICIOUS!

Chinese New Year-40
My mom washing the veggies for soup

Chinese New Year-43
My dad on his newly updated Windows 7 computer…kill those viruses!

Chinese New Year-44 Chinese New Year-46
Nick is so handsome!

Chinese New Year-47 
This is the alter that has photos of my grandparents who passed away and a bunch of the food to welcome them home.  The front door is open for them to join us.

Chinese New Year-48 Chinese New Year-49
Here is all the food

Chinese New Year-50 Chinese New Year-55 Chinese New Year-58
Fun toys!

Chinese New Year-59 Chinese New Year-60 Chinese New Year-61 Chinese New Year-63 Chinese New Year-64
Even though it was pouring rain it didn’t stop us from going out to check out all the festivities

Chinese New Year-66 Chinese New Year-68 Chinese New Year-70 Chinese New Year-71 Chinese New Year-74
We stood about two feet from the firecrackers going off.  It was insanely loud and scared the pants off of all of us!

Chinese New Year-78 Chinese New Year-80 Chinese New Year-82 Chinese New Year-84 Chinese New Year-86
The dragon!

Chinese New Year-87 Chinese New Year-88 Chinese New Year-89 Chinese New Year-90 Chinese New Year-91
The fireworks were awesome!

Chinese New Year-96 Chinese New Year-100
Katie and I among the chaos to get our red envelope of lucky money and a tangerine.