Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Fifth Valentine’s Day

This was our fifth Valentine’s Day together this year and as cliche as it sounds we are as much in love now as the day we first met.  I know some of you reading this is internally throwing up, gagging, are jealous or thinking  “yeah right”, but we are very much in love and are looking forward to the years of adventures we will have.  On our way home from Seattle we stopped at The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg for our Valentine’s dinner.  

Chinese New Year-101
The Yellow Church Cafe

Chinese New Year-103 Chinese New Year-104 Chinese New Year-107 Chinese New Year-108
Mood lighting

Chinese New Year-112
I love cute cartoony characters

I love cartoony characters with large heads and small appendages

Chinese New Year-113
The heavenly loaf the restaurant is famous for

Chinese New Year-114 Chinese New Year-115 Chinese New Year-116  
Prime rib and Thai chicken and shrimp curry….Yum!

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